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Kable Distribution Services

As a full service distributor with over 75 years of industry experience, Kable Distribution Services (KDS) introduces periodicals in almost every editorial category to a targeted demographic of eager readers. Our clients span a wide range of genres, including but not limited to women's service, automotive, teen, and news journals, and regional special interest publications.

Our goal is simple: Sell the greatest number of copies at the highest efficiency.

The Kable Difference
As a full service circulation company, it is not only our access to robust data that distinguishes us from other distribution houses, but our innovative, personalized use of this information to increase sales and efficiency.

Kable Distribution Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing the best circulation services possible to our clients. We distribute more than 600 magazines, annuals and digests for over 200 client publishers. Our dedicated circulation staff consists of over 100 talented individuals, each one devoted to giving every title the time and effort it deserves.

Field representatives are vital to the success of our client publishers. Their primary tasks are to ensure all authorized retailers are on distribution, and to expand dealer coverage while maximizing sales efficiency. All national distributors - regardless of size - will cite the same purpose. Yet some national distributors will tell you because of their huge sales force, they can do more work.

While this assertion sounds good, the true test of circulation success is determined by how many agencies are actually worked and the quality of performance. Kable Distribution Services, Inc. sales representatives are the most experienced in the field and produce the highest quality of work in the marketplace. During the course of the year, KDS "works" more agencies than all other distributors.

Retail Display Allowance
KDS has a reputation for paying RDA claims promptly and fairly. When retail buyers authorize titles, they know they will be paid quickly for their sales. This trust allows our marketing representatives greater access to buyers and increased approvals for publications.

The KDS Traffic Department provides advance technical services far surpassing those of any other national distributor. We process and transmit shipping galleys to printers digitally, thus allowing our publishers to keep print orders open longer and meet on-sale dates. This is Kable Distribution Services' state-of-the-art technology working for you.

Here's a look at what our Traffic Department can do for you:

  • Ship your title(s)
  • Track shipments
  • Obtain proof of delivery
  • Files shortage claims
  • Verifies cover prices
  • Implements UPC codes
  • Obtains completion notices from printers
Global Distribution
Kable Distribution Services' seventy plus years in the newsstand distribution business has given us the experience and savvy to anticipate the direction of single copy sales. Over 50 years ago, this insight drove us to launch our International Sales Division, which is now available to our clients with unmatched depth of experience, and long-standing associations with international distributors in more than 122 countries.

Direct Dealer Program
In another forward thinking move, KDS chose to challenge the single method distribution model adopted by industry players for years. Broadening our perspective, we chose to offer wholesale -driven distribution AND direct-to-dealer sales. This allows KDS to help you tap into the quickly growing special interest marketplace, where your title is placed directly with a retailer. With the help of Kable Distribution Service's Direct Dealer Program, your consumer title is reaching its target market.

Scan-Based Trading (SBT)
Scan-Based Trading (SBT) has existed since 1996 when a committee formed by the Grocery Manufacturers of America initiated a pilot program with HEB Stores in Texas. Some of the participant suppliers were Coca-Cola, Nabisco, Frito-Lay, and Pepsi-Cola. A recent report (from Mercer Management Consulting Group) underwritten by IPDA indicated that although this and subsequent SBT initiatives have resulted in some cost saving benefits, the major suppliers involved in the original program have not expanded their SBT relationships. Mercer also indicated that for SBT relationships to be truly effective for all parties concerned, it would require significant enhancements of both retailer and wholesaler IT systems. To date, it is Kable's view that for the most part this investment has not occurred. Thus, any agreement to enter into such relationships will be distinct and separate from all other agreements, and shall conform to the guidelines that follow. Read More

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